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Welcome to the Research Chemicals Team website! The Research Chemicals we offer have been thoroughly tested by an independent lab. Products are of high grade and quality. A-PHP are reasonably priced. The information provided on our website about A-PHP, is not intended to encourage human consumption, but solely for Research purposes. Research Chemicals are not ment for recreational use!

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Buy A-PiHP Online (4-Me-PVP, 4M-PVP) is high-quality Research Chemicals. You can buy a-PiHP (4-Me-PVP, 4M-PVP) online at wholesale price from trusted suppliers; Buy alpha-PiHP research chemicals online.
a-PiHP (a-pyrrolidinoisohexaphenone; 4-Me-PVP, 4M-PVP) is a pyrrolidine which sells as a-PVP, MDPV or a-PHP substitute.

a-PiHP is a stimulant of the cathinone class, which can produce a very strong effect. Effects are similar to those of MDPV, a-PVP or methamphetamine. Systematic name: 1-fenylo-4-metylo-2-(pirolidyn-1-ylo)pentan-1-on. A-PiHP for sale online
α-Pyrrolidinohexiophenone is a synthetic stimulant drug of the cathinone class developed in the 1960s which has been reported as a novel designer drug.
a-PiHP is a stimulant compound which is a derivative of cathinone and pyrovalerone group of chemicals and was developed in late 2015 and it is the result of understanding the quantitative structure-activity relationship of the pyrovalerone and cathinone derivatives acting as NDRI(norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor).
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This time our team created a very highly selective compound with much higher affinity in binding and in inhibiting the dopamine transporter over norepinephrine transporter. This resulted in creation of a very dose-dependent chemical that can provide a large range of effects.
It is also possible for this chemical to have a low affinity to serotonin transporter, but for amounts needed to successfully research, this effect can be skipped. If you are still wondering if you should buy this chemical, there is information that will fully convince you. Buy A-PiHP research chemicals Online
α-PiHP is a full substitute for α-PVP and Pentedrone and it provides similar and even improved effects according to structure analysis. Only 5mg of a-PiHP is needed for successful research but it can be safely increased to a maximum of 25mg for the first time laboratory test. The duration of chemical reaction in the laboratory starts after 20 seconds to 5 minutes (depending on used lab gear) with full results presented after 15, minutes which remain constant for over 90 minutes.
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