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Buy 4-FMC Online (4-fluoromethcathinone | Flephedrone)
Buy 4-FMC online, it is available under the brand name of flephedrone. It is a designer drug having stimulant properties. Flephedrone is floated around as an alternative to Mephedrone due to the similarity in the properties of the drug. Stimulant drugs are mostly central nervous system acting agents and produce feelings of motivation and energy in the users. It has been available in the market since 2008 for commercial use mostly on online stores. Flephedrone is one of the most common recreational drugs which is the reason why the authorities all over the world have come down hard against it as it remains a banned substance in most European countries. It is however also legal for medical purposes in some countries and is prescribed for various medical conditions. Buy 4-FMC online
Flephedrone is also known as 4-FMC. It is a drug of the cathinone family having stimulant nature. In addition to stimulation, it also produces empathogenic effects in the users. The drug first became commercially available in the year 2008 as a replacement to Mephedrone but it is noted that it could not generate as much hype. The chemical formula of Flephedrone is “1-(4-Fluorophenyl)-2-(methylamino) propan-1-one” while the molecular formula is C10H12FNO. The molecular weight of Flephedrone is 181.2 g/mol.
The mode of administration of the dose is through oral, insufflation and vaporized means. The purity levels usually found for flephedrone are around 98 – 99% and it is recommended to use high-quality crystals as the presence of impurities can cause toxicity.
The standard storage temperature for flephedrone is room temperature and the drug should be stored in a moisture-free environment.
Street and Chemical names
The Chemical name for Flephedrone in 4-FMC (4-Fluoromethcathinone) and it is also available online and in street under various brand names other than flephedrone.
Where can you buy Flephedrone online?
Flephedrone is a stimulant designer drug having various applications in the field of science and medicine. It is used by the researchers as a research chemical mostly in the field of forensics and mass spectrometry. In the field of medicine, it is prescribed for various medical conditions such as anxiety and depression. It is also used by the athletes as a performance enhancer drug. Owing to its significance, it can be obtained from physical and online stores around the world where it is not banned for consumption. We have made this drug available on our online store for users all over the world. Our store is among the top sellers of cathinone drugs as we provide high-quality products to our clients at highly discounted rates. We have the ability to ship the products all over the world while we keep the information of our clients safe and secure. Buy 4-fmc online.
Buy 4-Fluoromethcathinone Online
Flephedrone is used for various purposes in the field of science and medicine. We will look into the applications of the drug in detail as below:
Research Chemical: Flephedrone is a common research chemical having applications in the field of forensics, analytical sciences, and mass spectrometry. It uses for the research purpose is also supported by the law.
Medical Use: The widespread use of buy Flephedrone is an alternate of Mephedrone which is a known stimulant drug. Flephedrone is prescribed for the treatment of medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, feelings of down and low energy, attention deficit disorder and narcolepsy. It is also used by the people for recreational purposes as it produces feelings of high on administration.
Short and long-term effects of flephedrone
Flephedrone has a number of positive and negative effects on human health similar in nature to other drugs of the cathinone class. The severe side effects of the drug can prove to be fatal for the users as it causes high blood pressure, increased heart rate, motor loss control, anxiety, depression, and paranoia. Various other medical complications are also experienced by the users of flephederone. It is also an addictive drug in nature and with continuous use of the drug, the addiction liability increases.
Dosage and overdose of Flephedrone
The light dose of flephedrone is 100 – 150 mg while a commonly administered dose of buy Flephedrone is around 150 – 200 mg. Any dose above 250 mg is considered to be an overdose which in severe cases can cause difficulties for the patients.
Flephedrone alternatives
Flepherdone was itself first introduced as an alternative for the famous mephedrone drug as its properties are similar in nature to those of mephedrone.
Buy 4-FMC online
Flephedrone remains a banned substance in most of the countries around the world owing to its parallels with mephedrone as well as due to a higher tendency of its misuse.
Buy 4-Fluoromethcathinone online
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