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Research chemicals are chemical substances used by scientists for medical and scientific research purposes. One characteristic of a research chemical is that it is for laboratory research use only. Here at megachemist.net    Research synthetics are basic in the advancement of novel pharmacotherapies. Regular medicinal lab utilizes incorporate into vivo and creature testing to decide remedial esteem, toxicology testing by contract explore associations to decide tranquilize wellbeing, and examination by medication test and criminological toxicology labs for the reasons for assessing human presentation. Numerous pharmacologically dynamic synthetic concoctions are sold online under the appearance of “examine synthetics,” when in actuality they are untested architect sedates that are being devoured by purchasers exploiting a significant number of the mixes transitional or nonexistent legitimate status.


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RC chemicals are a hot topic these days especially in the USA, and very much in demand. Chemists and other researchers use these substances to conduct scientific studies of various kinds, for the purpose of chemical testing or to calibrate testing equipment. Experiments like these allow scientists to better understand these chemicals, and to find new ways to treat illness and disease.

Laboratory technicians also use those chemical substances, usually described as a white powder or clear crystal, to learn more about the nature of all chemicals. Some of these substances can be dangerous, of course. Some are toxic, others are psychoactive, even when dealing with very small doses. Just like in nearly any situation involving chemicals, safety first!


On another level, some people call research chemicals “designer drugs”. This is a terrible oversimplification! It is true that some people have used RC’s to manufacture other compounds or consumed them directly for the sake of their side-effects. None the less, this is far from the real purpose of these substances.

Research chemicals should not: be considered ‘drug substitutes’, ‘designer drugs’ or pharmaceuticals. They are not for medical use. They are not for veterinary use. They are certainly not for human use! Technically, you can use them on plants just about anywhere in the world. Ready to get started: Great! Just click on any of the links below to browse Megachemist’s selection of genuine, professional grade AAA+ research chemicals!

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